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A Torsion Bar is a metal Rod that is affixed to one side of the tailagte hinge. The rod acts like a spring and can make the tailgate lighter however with use over time this rod gets weaker and it loses the ability to lighten the tailgate. It may also begin to make a squeaking noise and start working against its intial task and make the tailgate heavier. Many customers have been seen to opt and remove the Torsion bar completely as it has lost its use.

Yes you can, we have got kits designed to work in conjuction with the Torsion bar. You will just need to select yes in the option asking if you have a torsion bar when placing your order.

Yes you can all our Kits are DIY. They come with a detailed instruction Pamphlet. We are also in the process of creating installation videos for the kits however if we do not have one for your vehicle yet, please do contact us and we can assist with any queries or advice you may need in the installation process

You can contact our offices in Kyalami on 011 466 0329 or via WhatsApp on 0736 412 8905 or email sales@isaza.co.za or crystale@isaza.co.za

There is an 18 month warranty on the damper and 3 years on all the other hardware.

EZDown is the kit which assists with the controlled lowering of the Tailgate.
EZDown Re-Loaded is the kit that comprises of the controlled lowering as well as assisted lifting of the tailgate in then making it lighter.
EZUp is the kit for your bonnet/hood of the vehicle to assist in the opening of the bonnet and keeping it open without the use of the metal rod.

YES! The EZDown Re-Loaded is unique that it can be pre-loaded to your individual preferences. If you do have a metal plate please do advise this by contacting us when you place your order and we can have the preload adjust for your tailgate needs.

As the damper and the hardware do not take the load but the metal straps / cables, we do still recommend to not put more than 250kg on.

We have our own manufacturing facilities in Midrand Johannesburg, therefore controlling the quality and testing of all our kits.

All our designs are tested in both a dynamic and static environment and undergo stringent testing on our test rigs before release

If you are unsure, please do contact us. There are a lot of copies out in the market from when we started manufacturing 10 years ago. We have had the unfortunate experience of having to deal with the damages and failures these copies cause. The first glaring visual is the damper or piston rod out of China is that is is silver in colur and the hardware is inferior.

Dont despair we have you covered. Just give us a call and we will work you through to getting your preload back. No need to replace.

When we first launched the Re-loaded we did release kits that had to be installed in the closed position however we have improved our kits and our Re-loadeds now ONLY get installed with the tailgate OPEN.

Some bolts we have come across mainly in Hilux and Isuzu are quite tight. We have found an application of some heat i.e. heatgun or hairdryer placed on the tight bolt does assist in loosening the bolt.