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From Industrial Specialised Applications, comes an innovation so simple and yet so practical, it's just a matter of time before it tops the list of "essential items" of pick-up truck owners.

Named the EZDown, it's a tailgate damper that equips tailgates with soft-release, single entry opening and hands-free lowering. The EZDown uses a hydraulic damper to provide the comfortable opening and hands-free lowering of the bakkie or pickup truck tailgate. When closing the tailgate, the damper only has the forces to overcome friction inside it and this is not felt due to the weight difference in the tailgate - this is due to the geometric design.


The damper can process very high traction forces which slows the speed of the tailgate's descent. This product is in a class of its own - bringing convenience and safety to farmers, electricians, plumbers, small businesses and those in the mining, construction, engineering and related industries.

In today’s day and age, the pick truck has evolved into something more than just a workhorse; families use them for their weekend and annual holiday leisure trips. Mom also uses the vehicle for driving kids around and groceries are much easier to load if your hands are free!

"I recently bought this kit for my DC Isuzu. This is a quality product and it works very well. Easy to install with clear instructions. Why the vehicle manufacturers don't make this a standard feature is beyond me." Louis Coetzer - 2015-10-26